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Traditional folklore gives a special place to Christmas food, in particular bread. It was traditional to bake bread in large quantities before Christmas, enough both for the farm people and the poor of the village. Various types of grain were used in the baking, depending on the climate in various parts of Sweden. Wheat was preferentially grown in southern Sweden, while barley and oats were the most common types in Dalecalia, with a certain amount of rye in the southern part. This meant that wheatflour in Dalecalia was reserved for special occasions.

We bake Leksand Christmas Crispbread, as tradition demands, only at Christmas. It is based on wheatflour, wholegrain rye and Christmas spices: aniseed, fennel and coriander. Try a piece of crispbread with Christmas ham and mustard. Is there anything that conjures up the taste of Swedish Christmas quite like that?



Whole grain rye flour *, wheat flour,water from our own spring, yeast,sugar, salt, vegetable fat, coriander,fennel and anise
* Svenskt Sigill rawproduct

Net weight  530 g

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